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Who we are

Based on the rapid adoption of legislation in Mexico, for the legal production, sale & distribution of Cannabis (medical and recreational), Sericea Labs has brought together a team of global experts in the Microbiology, Government/Regulatory, Corporate Finance and International Business Development fields, to build up a platform to serve international and national corporations in the development of activities in the cannabis space in Mexico. From research & development, regulatory support, to commercial distribution of cannabis and its by-products.

What we do

We provide an “Operational, Regulatory & Commercial Shelter” based on best practices for market and product research, corporate operations, capital raising, and financing, product/process licensing and certification, logistics management, marketing and distribution of products in Mexico.

This “Shelter” may allow international companies to “engage early on” in Mexico´s developing cannabis sector.

We offer a“reference platform” that provides sound advice to our customers, partners, investors, associate companies and organizations, on regulatory and legal framework for the cultivation, production, and distribution of cannabis and cannabis-based products in Mexico.

Our Values


We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.


We are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.


We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.

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